Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Has Zuhdi Marzuki lost himself?

TMI - It was only a study, Zuhdi says of contentious WhatsApp texts

The PAS research centre operations director said the screenshot of his analysis on the WhatsApp group, which had gone viral, was based on the proposal of a senior PAS leader who had put forward a motion for PAS to leave the PR coalition.

"The discussion which was leaked was my response to members of the WhatsApp group who had asked me to present a 'scenario analysis' about the proposal by a PAS leader to leave PR.

"The motion to leave PR was strongly supported by not less than 10 members in the WhatsApp group, many of whom are close to (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim," he said in a statement, adding that he was not one of the 10 who had supported this motion.

I will come to his above words later, but for now, it's obvious that non-PAS Pakatan people are worried at the thought of PAS leaving Pakatan (as expressed by Lim GE two days ago), but they weren't angry because that's PAS' right to do so.

But what truly pissed them off had been Zudhi Marzuki's racist tainted proposal. Though I don't think highly of Rafizi Ramli after his stupendously stupid Kajang Move, I have to admit he summed up Zuhdi Marzuki's nasty bomb best with his statement (reported by TMI):

"What is the disciplinary action to be taken against Zuhdi, who had suggested a treacherous proposal, going against the agreement inked between PAS and Pakatan and the people who had voted for PAS and Pakatan?

"We want to know how many from the PAS central leadership hold such racist and anti-democratic views like Zuhdi."

If Zuhdi wished to propose a scenario for PAS leaving Pakatan and joining UMNO in a brand new coalition, that's his and PAS' democratic right, but did he have to say words like what was reported by TMI, as follows:

More distressingly,
the tone of the conversation was blatantly racist, reported the portal, with Zuhdi saying that his scenario would return political dominance to the Malays and allow them to check "DAP and non-Muslims".

"After this, if DAP and non-Muslims make noise about the Allah issue or raids, we can just swat them away".

"At the end of this year just change the borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power."

Wow, We can just SWAT them!!!

Okay then, let's now discuss his words.

For a follower (and thus fearer) of Allah swt, he talked about gerrymandering, namely, the changing the electoral borders to return all the Malay-Muslim political power. Yes sirree, this so-called Allah-fearing man has proposed to gerrymander a la the EC, and with such racist overtones.

Frightening to imagine how many more like him are in PAS? What if PAS comes to power as a future federal government?

The EC under UMNO would be a kindergarten compared to their version. No, on second thoughts I will be proven wrong as under a PAS federal government there won't be any more EC to make comparison with, wakakaka.

Aiyoyo Ama, for such a so-called Allah-fearing Muslim, he could bring himself to propose such ugly tactics and used such racist words. Obviously he appears to be without understanding of the universality and noble principles of Islam where racism is in fact anti Islam.

For hundreds of years, so-called 'untouchable' Indians in the subcontinent found solace in Islam because by becoming Muslims, they were able to free themselves from a horrendously evil persecutorial bondage by another system which punished them (and still does) on the lottery of their births. That's what Islam stands for! Even an atheist like me knows that.


But wait, why should we be surprised by the bitter bad blood beliefs & behaviour of Zuhdi Marzuki?

Do you know who he is (or who he associates with) besides being a PAS central committee member?

Two months ago, I wrote that Zudhi Marzuki, the Chief Operating Officer of PAS Research Centre, was photographed together with ISMA leaders when ISMA made a bigoted statement to the press about Indians and Chinese being brought into Malaysia by the British to weaken the Malay identity and undermine the community’s birthright to peninsular Malaysia on the pretext of multiculturalism.

Zuhdi Marzuki (second from right)

Then I had ask:
"Is he an Islamic promoter or a ultra Malay nationalist promoter?"

But now we know!

If we put his ISMA association within the current context of his racist proposal to his PAS central committee mates, we can understand why such a person would spew un-Islamic bigoted comments. It shows he is more of a Malay ultra than a Muslim scholar.

But even then, does a Malay have to have such racial feelings in their heart for others in order to be an ultra, an ethnic nationalist?

Thus it was not just a mere study or scenario-rizing as he had attempted to spin his racist words away. By his ISMA association and that NGO's record and trend of public statements against non-Muslims and non-Malays, it indicates that his words of 'swatting DAP and non-Muslims' have been based on his political proclivity and personal position.

I wonder why some supposedly learned Muslims in Malaysia seem to not understand the universality of the noble ideals of Islam when I, a non-Muslim and an atheist at that, do, admittedly in a very small way, but certainly much much more than them?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PAS' support for Royal MB will lead to PAS' loss

Malaysiakini - Latheefa Koya mocked as 'lawyer datang bulan'

You would imagine that comment of 'lawyer datang bulan' coming from one of those menstruation-mesmerized motherless monkeys, but no, it was made by a woman, Arfa'eza Abdul Aziz, who is press secretary to Khalid Ibrahim.

From that, we can surmise that Khalid and Latheefa aren't exactly the best of mates, wakakaka.

Blogger The Mole reported that Latheefa has resigned as Petaling Jaya City Councillor (MBPJ) due to bad blood between her and our Royal MB, apparently over her criticisms of him on quarters for squatters and that he was mulling (the word used by The Mole) over sacking her from the council's post.

Anyway, Latheefa, a PKR central leadership council member, commented on Khalid Ibrahim's out of court settlement with Bank Islam, where it was pointed out that details of the settlement remain scarce or scanty until today.

Latheefa said: "When a person has a RM66 million headache, he can cut a deal in many ways. He could have been declared bankrupt, but he made his deal. He was told politely to leave - he fought back shamelessly."

She also walloped him kau kau with this: "Here's a guy hanging on to a seat without mandate from his own party. Thanks to him and his deal, Selangor saved enough money for BN to spend after they take over."

Note again Latheefa's comment above: "Here's a guy hanging on to a seat without mandate from his own party".

That's why Khalid Ibrahim should be considered a very very very rare political creature, not unlike a unicorn or a griffin or more probably a chimera because the last has three heads (lion, snake and goat) - perhaps one supposedly of PKR, another of PAS, wakakaka, and the last ... well, you can guess it by reading Latheefa's statements again.

Thus, where Khalid Ibrahim stands politically today, as a PKR or PAS or UMNO member, I have to confess I haven't the faintest, though I can assure you he's not a DAP member, wakakaka.

Theoretically he's still PKR though for all intents and purposes he's not .. nay ... no longer with them in ideology, purpose or kaam-cheng, wakakaka.

Look, as I have blogged previously and Latheefa just confirmed, his party wants him to vacate the MB's post, but he has refused, and even defiantly (or arrogantly?) challenged them to get rid of him by standard procedures, meaning through a House vote of confidence.

But that's a process only used by the other side of the political fence, which no doubt makes you wonder about his so-called PKR membership, wakakaka.

He knows that in Selangor's 56 seat DUN, he's assured of PAS' 15, UMNO's 12 and his own, making that a gnam gnam 28. So come and get me, says he, wakakaka.

But wait, are all 15 PAS ADUNs in the Ulama or Youth camp? If there's a couple of Erdogens, that may mean Khalid won't have all 15 PAS ADUNs behind him and thus lacks the minimum 28 to preserve his chimera hide.

PAS no doubt is in turmoil over this, but I wonder why PKR hasn't yet expelled him on disciplinary measures

Sadly, PAS under Pak Haji Hadi Awang and its Youth Division haven't helped the political impasse among Pakatan allies by playing treacherous renegade, and have fostered anger, suspicions and resentment among PKR and DAP for PAS.

Lim Guan Eng has emerged to warn that Pak Haji Hadi Awang's non-Pakatan decision to back Khalid will see the eventual disintegration of Pakatan.

The Malaysian Insider's editorial has alluded to PAS' likely monumental loss in the next general election if Pakatan were to break up:

Here is a silver lining to that dark, brooding cloud called the Khalid Ibrahim leadership crisis in Selangor: it is forcing the professionals and moderates in Parti Se-Islam Malaysia (PAS) to face one question they have been studiously avoiding since GE13.

What would happen to their political futures if Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang were to get his way and steers PAS away from Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and back onto the narrow road of conservatism and religious and racial chauvinism?

flying in competition or together?

The short answer: as many as nine parliamentary seats in Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Pahang won by PAS candidates in GE13 will be lost in the next general elections.

The PAS candidates only won these seats because of strong support from the non-Muslims. With Hadi leading the party and taking it out of the PR stable, this non-Muslim support will evaporate like a drizzle of rain in the hot, dry season.

The end result: the likes of Khalid Samad, Hanipa Maidin will be staring at political oblivion. And PAS will revert to being a rural-based political party with some influence in Kelantan and Terengganu.

That is why the professional class cannot afford to hug the sidelines or be apathetic about the final decision the Pas leadership will make about Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim's future as the Selangor Menteri Besar.

And I suspect that has been why PAS' Mat Sabu had said (last week, I think?) that PAS should not take up the Selangor MB position as it will lead to a Pakatan defeat in the state.

While I have never trusted PAS (though I like Nizar Jamaluddin, Mat Sabu and a couple more), I have always wonder why PKR has been the Pakatan member which has the most number of problems with members like Khalid Ibrahim, Zul Noordin, Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, Nasarudin Hashim, etc etc, the list goes on and on.

total f**k-up in every state, even in its stronghold Selangor

Its internal strife continues to delight BN while it torments Pakatan people. Does it not bespeak poor leadership? But what other factors would be there to invoke its long suffering from continuous centrifugal vortex?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moon and the Unicorn in Selangor

TMI - Hadi’s backing for Khalid risks Pakatan break-up, say insiders

No doubt music to Najib's ears, but let's have a look at the current Pakatan imbroglio, thanks to Rafizi Ramli's 'brilliant' Kajang Sh*t.

RPK narrated in his Selangor's Watergate a malodorous cesspool tale of a potential naughty humongous flow of money, which I have to say, being bloody biased wakakaka, I have found plausible, more so when it's not challenged.

Water, saliva, wet dreams, all gushing away like an explosion of premature ejaculations, wakakaka.

From that story of alleged unmitigated grubbiness, should we then consider Khalid as like the 300 Spartans, valiantly holding back the hungry hordes of Huns Persians at the gates of Selangor's Thermopylae?

Have we wronged this man as a villain when he could well be a hero?

Mind, there's never any doubt that Khalid has been a effective and efficient CEO of Selangor, but we need to ask, is this man a suitable political leader, a people's representative, one who would consider the voice of the people rather than just play at being CEO of a private 'firm'?

Look, last year in October, when PAS and DAP ADUNs joined PKR ADUNs in criticizing him for his refusal or reluctance to spend more of the state's savings on development in the state, where instead he was alleged to just uselessly hoard the surplus in the state's kitty, he pompously and presidentially but pathetically responded that while he was opened to criticisms from any leader BUT that he cared more about the feedback he received from the public than from 'other leaders'.

So, to Khalid, ADUNs had been inconvenient individuals and not the people's representatives, while he 'presidentially' and directly represented all the rakyat of Selangor.

His pompous but pathetic pseudo-presidential declaration so irated DAP's Gobind Singh Deo that the latter 'urged' (a polite euphemism for 'f**king demand', wakakaka) the Selangor MB to bloody well clarify the statement that he 'listens to criticisms from the people more than from party leaders and politicians'.

Gobind went as far as to say Khalid had made a "very serious statement, which may have serious consequences", meaning Khalid either knows f**k all about democracy (parliamentary process) or has deliberately ignored the democratic process - ya, that's why he's presidential, wakakaka!

Gobind said: "Khalid must not take things for granted. I ask him to respond and clarify matters."

Thus the burning issue about Khalid has not been so much about his ability as a CEO nor about his perceived kedukut-ness (being a tightwad) in managing the state funds as a MB, but about his terrible failure to understand that in a democracy, the ADUNs are the ones who represent the voice of the rakyat, and not just a presidential MB.

Therefore the ADUNs should be listened to, and not to some 'special voice or voices' ringing in his ears or head, wakakaka.

But he seemed to have indicated his erroneous belief (pointed out by Gobind Deo) when he indirectly dismissed or diminished the importance of the inputs of the ADUNs and his party's leaders by preposterously and pompously claiming he listened more to the people than to the ADUNs, ...

... leading us to of course ask him 'who have been HIS people he listened more to? All the rakyat of Selangor? Or at least all those in Pakatan-held state constituency?'

It would be as if he has said he is NOT answerable to the state DUN and its ADUNs, the official, legal and democratically-elected voice of the Selangor rakyat

Thus we have witnessed in Khalid Ibrahim's attitude seemingly a loose cannon in a Westminster style democracy, one who has now even defy his own leaders, of his own party and of his own coalition, to 'come and get me out if you can', leading us to wonder which party he belongs to?

Okay, we have a situation where Khalid Ibrahim is perceived to be non-corruptible (and good on him for that) but alas, one who also doesn't listen to anyone from his own party or his own coalition.

Can such a situation in the latter be allowed to continue? If the answer is yes, then we don't actually have a democracy nor the prerequisite party discipline necessary for the survival and strength of a political party.

Besides, is there such a unicorn-like creature as a MB or CM or PM without a party in a Westminster style democracy? This would be as nonsensical as the story of the unicorns which missed getting on board Noah's Ark.

And a new burning question now also confronts political observers: what is PAS Pak Haji hadi Awang up to when some of his own party leaders have been shocked by his decision to defy Pakatan consensus and back Khalid Ibrahim (virtually a man belonging to no party) to continue as a Pakatan MB for Selangor - see the Malay Mail Online's Hadi's support for Khalid is not PAS's stand, says Mat Sabu.

Is Pak Haji the moon that gives light and magic energy to Selangor's unicorn?

Add caption

As I asked in my previous post: will the centrifugal actions of Khalid Ibrahim and now also by Hadi Awang see the Ragnarok for Pakatan?


ADDENDUM: From The Malay Mail Online Why I think Khalid Ibrahim must be replaced - Iskandar Yaacob

JULY 26 — I rarely want to write about my political opinion. I did once, a reply to Nathaniel Tan during the Kajang Move. My friend told me that Nathaniel wrote a reply in his social media account. I don’t bother to have one because I am too old for that. But I feel that I have to write one more time because there is a continuation of the Kajang Move happening right now — an effort to replace the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

Although my earlier article is actually to support Anwar Ibrahim as the candidate for Kajang by-election, I am aware that later he was replaced by Wan Azizah, the Keadian President, which is also his wife, after the doubtful effort made by Attorney General to bring his court case earlier.

I think it is naïve for people to think that Anwar, the Supreme Leader of the party should only be a normal state assemblymen or EXCO. To me, he was named to replace Khalid. From what I heard, Khalid demanded Azmin Ali to vacate his seat. Not sure whether it is true or not but if it is yes, I think the clash between them is real. But it is not fair for Khalid to demand that.

The fact that Wan Azizah was chosen to replace him in Kajang by-election is enough to tell us that the move was actually to replace the Chief Minister, so it must be a senior party leader (Azmin Ali is the next after the President and he is already a state assemblymen for Bukit Antarabangsa). Although I admit that Khalid himself doesn’t hold any senior position in the party except as the state chairperson in 2008 before he was replaced by Azmin.

But why?

I think this is one big question must be answer by Pakatan, especially Keadilan leaders. If they fail to do this, we can expect many silent protests in the next General Election and perhaps, BN will be back in power. It will be tough because Pakatan spoke highly, and understandably, about Selangor prior to 13th General Election. Everything, in politics, is almost about perception.

As a Selangorian, I also think Khalid is good, definitely better than BN’s leader and all BN’s Chief Minister before 2008. But he is not the only good leader in my eyes. To be frank, if not Anwar or Wan Azizah, I believe that Azmin Ali is also capable to be the next Chief Minister, or even PAS and DAP leaders. I am not sure whether Khalid’s supporters want to make it clear that Selangor Government is a one man show government — everything is about Khalid and he is the only one that made decision all this while.

Let us make it clear now. Khalid has to be replaced because he is not a team player. He decided everything on his own and people expecting all party leaders and members to answer for him. I saw this becoming worst when Faekah was appointed as his political secretary. Perhaps Faekah is not the one chosen by party, but by Khalid himself for his interest. Faekah was a former political secretary to Wan Azizah so Khalid wants to show that he got the support from the President. I am not sure whether it is true or not but I am reliably informed by those close to Khalid that Faekah seems to hold too much power in his office.

One can guess how powerful she is when Khalid had to appoint another two political secretary to replace her. And now she is the CEO of Menteri Besar Incorporated, a new position with much greater salary (I heard that her salary now is nearly half a million a year, excluding bonuses). Is she the one who advised Khalid not to attend weekly central party leadership meeting and to ignore decision made by his party?

We must see clearly the unilateral decision made by Khalid when he signed the agreement with Federal Government regarding the water restructuring. The stubborn answer made by Faekah, pretending that they are rushing because the State Government just knew it at the very last minute clearly shows that she think that we, the people of Selangor, are too dumb. She also said that the State Government had already briefed the coalition representatives earlier but the truth is the briefing was done after the signing. How come the State can brief earlier when you said that you only know about the signing of agreement at the eleventh hour?

Khalid and his adviser’s attitude do not just affect his party but also affect the coalition although I can safely say that his party suffered the most. Don’t let this ruin the coalition. My advice to PAS and DAP, don’t let this man use your party conveniently for him to stay in power. He might be a good man, but power can corrupt. The absolute power that he is telling us from his action and reason such as he is from Bugis clan, the same with Sultan (implying that he is using that to hold on power) and disrespect that he shows to his party that bring him to the top position is simply showing us that he is beginning to be corrupt. Help him by replacing him.

Not free from weaknesses

In my response to Nathaniel Tan, I praised Khalid for his achievement but also remind that he is not free from weaknesses. Whether his weaknesses is big enough I can’t speak on behalf of the others but I have my own opinion. I think it is fair for Pakatan leaders to discuss and come to their conclusion. And even Khalid has no problem at all, he should respect that process.

If we follow the Selangor political developments closely, I think there is not so much news about Selangor BN. Perhaps, that makes Khalid very comfortable. I was not surprised at all when first heard that many of his party leaders don’t really like him. I thought that it just politics. But the case against him is slowly come to my attention.

First, when I read about his case with Bank Islam, I was quite shocked. One can access related legal documents online to check the truth about what I am going to write. Many talk about the amount of money involved, a much reduced settlement for him and out of court settlement. I am not expert in the banking sector but to read that Khalid r-e-p-e-a-t-e-d-l-y breach the agreement with Bank Islam give me some sense when I recalled a claimed made by my friend that he promised many things to people be it party leaders or ordinary people but never delivered. Even Anwar is not spared. And now he is saying that he want to stay in power because he has unfinished promises to deliver to the people.

Let me recap my first article. I wrote that, based on credible research, Khalid would have lost if he stayed in Ijok because he didn’t deliver to the constituents of Ijok. That is why he moved to Port Klang. . I have been told that Khalid didn’t use his allocation as the state assemblymen during the first three years in the last term. Only when the research showed he is going to lose, he began to spend his money. Is this the unfinished promises that he is talking about right now? Now what is wrong with spending the money to help the rakyat: to pay for mosquito fogging operations, to clean up drains, provide some service for the many poor people in the estates and the kampungs in his constituency?

You may think that it doesn’t affect you but the truth is, Khalid’s failure to serve the rakyat in Ijok ultimately contributed to the loss of Dr Dzulkefli Ahmad, a progressive, moderate member of parliament from PAS for the Kuala Selangor Parliamentary seat. As a result, the rakyat has lost an important voice to counter the likes of PERKASA and ISMA in the public space.

Since then, I am now informed that the people in Port Klang is beginning to see the other side of Khalid. Although Port Klang is near to Shah Alam compared to Ijok, it is hard to see him around. Although now with his job under threat, Khalid has appointed Faekah with the responsibility to take care of the constituency. Perhaps the job as CEO of MBI is not big enough to make her busy. Doesn’t he have anyone local in Port Klang that he can hire to help him there? Or is it because she likes power and wants to show it to party members on the ground?

There are many other issues that we raise about Khalid. Zulkiflee Sulong has already written a good opinion piece in his column in The Malaysian Insider on what is the real problem with Khalid that public doesn't see, or perhaps clouded by propaganda from state machinery. Ultimately the public must realize that Khalid wasn't just appointed to become Menteri Besar to show how frugal a state government can be, he was appointed to showcase the values and vision of Pakatan Rakyat over Barisan Nasional - that it could be prudent in spending but possess the courage and foresight to invest in the rakyat - by solving problems and delivering better solutions to their problems. 

Selangor was also meant to lead the way in showing a more inclusive way of governing and progressive ideals. 

Unfortunately, all we can talk about is how much money he supposedly saved (more on that later) which glosses over the dodgy deals he has done to get out of his own personal financial mess and the thousands of promises that he has reneged over the past term and counting. If you really disagree with me, take some time and read the court judgement on Khalid vs Bank Islam to really understand the nature of the Menteri Besar you so admire.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ragnarok for Pakatan in Selangor?

In Norse mythology (maybe it's not a myth but a true religion, who knows?) Loki the Trickster mated with Angrboða, a female giantess. One of their three monster offsprings was Fenrir, a monstrous wolf which though initially fettered and imprisoned would rise to destroy the Aesir (gods) at Ragnarok, the Norse equivalent of Armageddon (end of the world).

Odin fighting Fenrir at Ragnarok (end of time)
but would be swallowed up by the wolf

The so-called Kajang Move seems to have produced such a Fenrir in the person of Khalid Ibrahim.

Malaysiakini reported:

Malaysiakini understands that Selangor DAP has come to a point where it is so frustrated with Khalid's leadership that it no longer distinguishes between choosing Wan Azizah or the other PKR leader mooted for the post, Azmin Ali.

This is a lifetime away from the resolute support that DAP's Selangor leaders have shown for Khalid since Pakatan Rakyat took over the state in 2008.

"You come to a point where you can't communicate with the MB anymore," a senior official of the Selangor DAP told Malaysiakini.

According to the DAP leader, Khalid has not been taking anyone's opinion and sees differing views as a problem.

"With him, it's either his way or the highway. It's almost like he's the only one who can think," the leader said, without mincing his words

For DAP so desperate to get rid of Khalid as MB Selangor that it will even consider accepting Azmin Ali as MB must surely spell precisely their utter frustration with a person they had once supported kau kau.

To them, Khalid is not only a loose cannon but now a maverick who as MB has shown and presumably will continue to show his arrogant disdain for Pakatan leadership directives. He has, in pilots' parlance, gone solo and on a single-piloted flight, and f**k the Pakatan multi-crew.

He has become so arrogant towards his former PKR and DAP colleagues because he has the backing of PAS (who most certainly don't want a woman as a MB, as it had already declared openly - see TMI's PAS will not support a woman MB as yet, says state rep), but more importantly he has the support and perhaps even 'guidance' from a very big Tai-Koh, very very BIG one.

We mustn't blame Khalid Ibrahim alone. This has come to be because of PKR's intra-party dispute between Khalid and you-know-who, and which pulled in Anwar Ibrahim who just couldn't help but intervene ... ahem ... to Khalid's disfavour and far far worse, humiliation.

In my post Khalid Ibrahim in political peril? I had written:

Not that we have been surprised by Anwar openly stating (as reported in the news media) he wanted Azmin Ali reinstated as a board member of PKNS, but he did so without the announcement being made JOINTLY with the Selangor MB, the bloke who had earlier shown a blasé attitude if not his overt glee regarding Azmin being dropped from the state appointment.

To summarize, Khalid was NOT unhappy about Azmin being removed from PKNS Board of Directors, but Anwar Ibrahim WAS unhappy.

Would I be repeating myself if I were to say, why should we be surprised, wakakaka!

There are many ramifications on Anwar's action to reinstate Azmin on the PKNS Board.

First, let's examine public perception of the PKR see-sawing by Anwar and Khalid.

The perception or impression that the public has likely obtained from Anwar's (if I may call it) unilateral announcement about reinstating Azmin to the PKNS Board would be that Khalid, the MB of Selangor, has been overruled kau kau. The rug was crudely, brutally and callously (without consideration for hisbeen-chooi or face) pulled away from under his menteri besar's feet .....

..... by a mere state economic adviser - remember, Anwar is not even the president of PKR, nor does the rule of Selangor, to wit, the MB position, belong to PKR by itself!

The second message the public obtained is of the following:

(a) Anwar favours and takes the side of Azmin Ali over that of Khalid's, as might be assumed from Anwar's unilateral announcement that Azmin was to be reinstated as a board member of PKNS. Of course Anwar came up with a reason, that the process not to renew Azmin's contract had not been according to proper procedures, and therefore that decision should be withdrawn.

It has to be said that Khalid made a mistake in giving Azmin (and thus Anwar) grounds to challenge the earlier decision, because of Khalid's known reluctance to personally confront, challenge or take MB's responsibility for unpleasant actions (don't believe me, ask Eli Wong, Tony Pua or Gobind Singh Deo lah, wakakaka).

In dropping Azmin from the PKNS Board. Khalid claimed it was the general manager of PKNS who made that decision, and this was the gnam gnam procedural mistake Azmin was looking for.

(b) Anwar has effectively given a public slap on Khalid's wrist by overruling the Selangor menteri besar's earlier statement.Alamak, boe been liao lah!

(c) Notwithstanding Anwar pointing out that Azmin PKNS directorship was terminated without due process, by publicly humiliating Khalid, he has shown that in PKR there are sacred cows who must never be offended or disadvantaged, even if it means the MB of Selangor has had to have his wrist slapped, even publicly.

(d) far worse than above, according to an unnamed PKR source, Anwar has effectively withdrawn his support for Khalid Ibrahim and will be seeking to have him removed as MB Selangor.

TMI reported but couldn't confirm what Anwar had apparently told the party's supreme council, according to a party source (wakakaka, I'm always wary of unnamed PKR source which usually turned out to be a self-serving someone I might possibly know):

“I am not in a position to defend the MB anymore. There is no discussion, no consideration, he thinks it is his state, he is in control.”

“No one knows his stand, he does not refer to anyone, no one knows ... So we have a problem.”

“There is no discussions on the water issue. I do not know (about it), I have to read the papers (to keep track of developments).”

“The Allah issue also, I do not know anything about it until today. Nothing!"

The claws were really out during the supreme council meet because TMI also reported that some party leaders (wakakaka) wanted to remove Khalid from his MB position, and of course (wakakaka again) for someone else to take over if Khalid could no longer manage Selangor according to the party’s ‘reformist’ principles.

Wakakaka, I’m not surprised by the last part about someone taking over as MB, but I have to say that whoever talked about the party’s ‘reformist’ principles has to be a self-deceiving joker, wakakaka.

When Khalid was so humiliated and pushed into a corner, made further worse (I know, a tautology but nonetheless needed here) by PKR's Kajang Move being publicly announced as (eventually) a strategic move to replace Khalid as MB - how insulting it must have been to Khalid Ibrahim - and when someONE (BIG BIG Tai-Koh) then informed Khalid he would be backed kau kau regardless, you suddenly have the birth of a Selangor Fenrir, one who has openly boasted he's here to stay and even dared Pakatan to oust him.

Alamak, what sort of PKR member would challenge his own party and coalition? Well, the simple (or simplified) answer is one whom PKR had itself created, a Fenrir who will bring together with him a Ragnarok for Pakatan (at least PKR) in GE-14.

PAS of course has been treacherous as it has its own agenda, which it sees as currently one of supporting Khalid in his MB role.

In some ways I can't blame PAS because it's clear DAP doesn't want a PAS MB, not with PAS' current insistence on implementing hudud. So the famous DAP-PAS nexus is gone - are you happy, Miss? wakakaka.

But like the original Fenrir running around the Aesir in Asgard and growing more and more frighteningly ferocious with each passing day, we now have a new Fenrir wolf among Pakatan in Selangor, all thanks to PKR's brilliant strategist Rafizi and his infamous Kajang Move.

And our Fenrir is most certainly growing more and more frighteningly ferocious with each passing day.

Will GE-14 be the Ragnarok for Pakatan (or at least PKR and DAP, as PAS will be doing a deal on its own)?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The judge who will be judged by Allah swt

Hamid revealed racial prejudice in a High Court judgment, says retired judge

Former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad has been called a 'liar, racist and an extremist' by Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for saying the position of Islam is under threat in Penang and for claiming a former Penang mufti had told him (meaning it was no-name dropping hearsay) it was hard to get allocations for Islamic activities in the state.

Notwithstanding Lim GE's protestations, I wonder what Miss Muffet has to say about the Penang CM allegedly denying or being parsimonious in allocations to Penang Islamic activities, wakakaka.

Gopal Sri Ram, a former federal court judge who became famous for his statement to f**k the hell (kaytee's words, not his Lordship's, wakakaka) with stare decisis (legal precedence) regarding the original Adorna judgement which had apparently and shamefully legitimized land robbery, was reported by TMI to assert that the 'liar, racist and extremist' had revealed his racial and religious prejudice in a decision on a civil case which he heard as a High Court judge in the 90s. [...]

In that case, a bank had sued two business partners, a Malay and an Indian, who had stood guarantors for a loan. Both the defendants relied on the defence that their signatures were forged by a third party.

Sri Ram told The Malaysian Insider that Hamid, who had written the judgment in Bahasa Malaysia, accepted the claim by the Malay defendant because "as a Muslim he would not tell lies".
"He, however, did not accept the allegation of the Indian. The bank and the Indian appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Legal judgement is one thing but for a judge to say he would accept a Malay's word just on the basis of the defendant's religion, while rejecting another defendant's statements (in the same case) because he was a Hindu is frighteningly indicative of the judiciary loss of direction, at last some members of that once hallowed organization.

And for such a self-asserted Muslim, not unlike RTA and those leaders of ISMA, I wonder how he will dare to face Allah swt in the hereafter?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The super sub

From TMI's DAP, PAS to discuss PKR’s Selangor MB proposal, says Anwar

Anwar said he would step aside as state economic adviser if Dr Wan Azizah was appointed as MB.

"I don't think I will have any role and I will not continue as economic adviser if Azizah becomes the MB‎."

What did Anwar Ibrahim mean by that?

Could it be one (or all) of the following?
  • Khalid Ibrahim is lousy at the economical operations and administration of Selangor, thus an economic advisor is absolutely necessary, with Anwar Ibrahim currently monitoring and advising/guiding him?
  • Dr Wan Azizah is a great economist and would be suitable for above (Anwar's advisor) job?
  • Economic supervision or/and control of Selangor must remain with or within the Anwar Ibrahim's family?

We are aware that all's not well with the Pakatan state government of Selangor, more so with insidious sabotaging of the coalition's adhesiveness through religious issues, but alas, there have been more than willing captives to the baiting, with both PAS and the church sucked into it.

While BN has ownership of the majority of stupid statements, eg. Dr Wan Azizah is not a suitable candidate to be MB Selangor because of her haidz, we know too that Pakatan has been making some equally stupid statements, eg. PAS stating* women aren't suitable to be MB because they are women, a statement far far f^^king more stupid than the BN's moronic menstruation MB-debarment.

* The youth leader of a Malaysian opposition party has claimed the MH17 tragedy was God punishing Malaysia Airlines for serving alcohol on its flights and its “indecent” dress code.

Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman, the youth information chief of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), said the serving of alcohol, which is prohibited under Islam, and the dress code of Malaysia Airlines flight attendants' “cross the boundaries of Islam.”

From SMH, so congratulations to PAS for making world news.

Not that I support Dr Wan Azizah* replacing Khalid Ibrahim in this MB job, but why is Khalid Ibrahim saying Unseat me through proper process?

* only because she is an unwilling politician and I fear may be manipulated by you-know-who

Doesn't Khalid Ibrahim know that he was selected/nominated as MB Selangor by his Pakatan coalition, and that when those who had nominated him has already lost confidence in him as MB, he should have the grace, dignity and conscience to pack up his bag and leave the state's CEO's position?

Why is he being so difficult to his own Pakatan colleagues, seemingly playing the jilted bloke by his uncooperative and almost hostile un-Pakatan attitude, which may suck them into a snap state election?

Does he want a showdown by what he meant, perhaps expecting HRH to then dissolve the DUN and bring about a new election? Read TMI's Selangor risks snap polls if Khalid ousted, say lawyers.

Has he been so 'advised'?

Anyway we will see soon.

But we have to acknowledge that Dr Wan Azizah is Pakatan's super sub, the term being well-known in soccer.

It refers to (Wikipedia): "Players who are noted for scoring important goals when coming off the bench or frequently making appearances as a substitute."

Dr Wan Azizah belongs to the later group, those frequently making appearances as a substitute rather than who are noted for scoring important goals when coming off the bench.

She substituted for her husband as (his ousted UMNO) faction leader after he was jailed following conviction for sodomy; she also took his position as MP for Permatang Pauh; and now she replaces him as candidate for the recent Kajang by-election, the central figure of the so-called 'Kajang Move', ...

... and let's not deny or pretend not to know that was nothing more than a political manoeuvre to mainly satisfy PKR's internal leadership struggle. Thus she is expected to sub for Anwar as the next Selangor MB.

Admittedly, Khalid Ibrahim has by then not helped much in this respect (of Pakatan especially DAP losing confidence in him) by his 'solo' behaviour as MB, which according to Pakatan perception, has nasty whiffs of being 'maverick'. For more, read
Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality

Who knows, maybe he believes that he was voted directly by the people into the chair like a presidential candidate, and therefore is above and immune to the voice of his co-Pakatan ADUNs, especially the exco?

As I had previously commented on in my Khalid Ibrahim in political peril? post:

Khalid Ibrahim has discovered his personal 'enlightenment', perhaps that in the state of Selangor and under HRH's aegis, he is indispensable, irreplaceable and 'almost' presidential in stature - 'almost' because he still knows he must not be too big-headed to believe he could do without HRH's favour.

Thus, when PAS and DAP ADUNs joined PKR ADUN, to wit, PAS commissioner Dr Rani Othman, PKR chairman Mohamed Azmin Ali and DAP chairman Lau Weng San (plus party 'spiritual' wakakaka leader, Anwar Ibrahim) in criticizing him as MB for his refusal or reluctance to spend more of the state's savings on development in the state instead of just uselessly hoarding the surplus in kitty, he pompously and presidentially but pathetically responded that while he was open to criticisms from any leader, adding that it was a normal thing in the administration, he cared more about the feedback he received from the public more than from other leaders.

So, to this bloke, ADUNs are inconvenient individuals and not the people's representatives, while he 'presidentially' and directly represents all the rakyat of Selangor.

This man obviously has gotten so big-headed (but judiciously not towards HRH, wakakaka) that he believes he could ignore democracy and the parliamentary process, which has been why I describe him lamentably as being pompously presidential.

Khalid's pathetic pseudo-presidential declaration so irated DAP's Gobind Singh Deo, son of my hero Bhai Karpal, that he 'urged' (a polite euphemism for 'f**king demand', wakakaka) the Selangor MB to bloody well clarify the statement that he 'listens to criticisms from the people more than from party leaders and politicians'.

Gobind went as far as to say Khalid had made a "very serious statement, which may have serious consequences", meaning Khalid either knows f**k all about democracy (parliamentary process) or has deliberately ignored the democratic process - ya, that's why he's presidential, wakakaka!

Gobind said: "Khalid must not take things for granted. I ask him to respond and clarify matters."

The issue thus is not so much about Khalid's perceived kedukut-ness (stinginess) in managing the state funds as a MB but about his terrible failure to understand that in a democracy, the ADUNs are the ones who represent the voice of the rakyat, and not one sole person in the person of the MB, one who has preposterously claimed that he has listened more to the people than to the ADUNs, ...

... leading us to ask him 'who have been HIS people he listened more to? All the rakyat of Selangor? Or at least all those in Pakatan-held state constituency?'

It would be as if he has said he is NOT answerable to the state DUN and its ADUNs, the official, legal and democratically-elected voice of the Selangor rakyat, ...

... and that he 'listens more' to an unknown, unquantifiable 'his so-called people'.

Based on his unbelievable bodoh-sombong declaration, if we don't watch this man carefully, democracy, warts and all, will go down the Selangor drain.

But back to Dr Wan Azizah, what next for this super sub? The next PM of Malaysia? Or, like the Kajang Move, an own goal?

But wait, maybe I'm going too far ahead. Instead, let's look at her likelihood of becoming MB Selangor, a position with so many obstacles before her like male chauvinistic PAS, HRH's acceptance and approval, and of course not forgetting the Dwarf, wakakaka!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Air facts show MAS was not reckless

2 days ago one of my visitors (Anonymous) to my previous post Malaysia's Annus Horribilis posted this FAA Notam or Notice to Airmen (where airmen means pilots and/or navigators):




The last phrase 'WITHIN THE FOLLOWING LATERAL LIMITS' was accompanied by a set of coordinates (follows), which meant that it was a specific area and not the entire Ukranian airspace (as we shall see soon in this post) - regrettably I don't have an Ukraine map to chart out these coordinates:

454500N 0345800E-460900N 0360000E-460000N 0370000E-452700N 0364100E-452242N 0364100E-451824N 0363524E-451442N 0363542E-451218N 0363200E-450418N 0363418E-445600N 0363700E-443100N 0364000E-424400N 0361600E-424700N 0340000E-424800N 0304500E-434100N 0303200E-441500N 0302400E-444600N 0300900E-455400N 0322500E-454900N 0324700E-455400N 0330600E-455600N 0332700E-455900N 0332900E-THEN ALONG THE CRIMEA BORDER TO 454500N 0345800E.

However, what is significant have been the rest of the Notam, which states (note the ones I highlight in bold red):




03 APR 06:00 2014 UNTIL 30 JUN 23:59 2014 ESTIMATED. CREATED: 03 APR 05:55 2014

[FIRS = flight information regions]

The Notam was good until 30 June 2014. I'm not sure whether there has been an extension to its time validity or a new Notam, but it seems the main concern in the above Notam had been the potential for air mishaps due to conflicting instructions from Russian and Ukrainian ATC's.

Today I read The Star Online and obtained the following chart which content, flying frequencies by airlines along the route taken by MH017, I had discussed previously, namely that MAS was not a reckless maverick which ignored air safety warnings and went about flying through a fire zone:

The numbers depicted alongside the named airlines indicated the number of times each had flown through Ukranian airspace along the same route as taken by MH017 in the preceding 7 days (prior to MH017 being shot down).

SIA and Lufthansa are both internationally renowned for their safety standards, and so are KLM (24 times), Emirates (23 times) and Etihad Airways (26 times).

But more importantly, ...

... note in particular the two last airlines on the right hand sidebar, United Airlines and FedEx. They are US registered airlines. Each flew the route 5 times which meant the FAA Notam above was no longer effective or had expired.

Despite the above facts, it's quite sad to know that some Malaysians still want to run down MAS, our own national airlines.